Bisol throughout the world

Quality gives inertia to the world

The quality of Bisol is highly regarded and appreciated in all the countries of the world where Prosecco has reached and this is not by chance. Cultures and gastronomic styles of all types have found a perfect union with their tastes and life style in the wines of the Bisol family.

It is for this reason that during the last 10 years Bisol Prosecco has crossed far-flung borders and improbable frontiers arriving on markets that were hitherto considered impossible to reach. From the United States to South America, from China to India, Bisol Prosecco has reached Porto Rico and the Caribbean, even arriving as far as Russia and Oceania.

This is all thanks to the export boom of the late Nineties that occurred in conjunction with the worldwide diffusion of Italian catering. The United States market was the first one to confirm the international success of Prosecco, because, as is well known, America is always at the forefront anticipating new trends. But the United Kingdom and in particular England and Ireland is the true revelation due in no small part to the careful attention paid to the DOCG trademark.

Internationalisation with the boom in tourism playing its part has taken Bisol Prosecco to places that were unthought-of, such as Bermuda, Cambodia, Vietnam and ex Burma where up until ten years ago wine wasn't even drunk. But why does everybody choose Prosecco? Above all because it is a very pleasant wine with a throw back to Italy: fresh, light and not too alcoholic and also because it comes from a unique native vine that cannot be found in other countries. Furthermore, on the international “bubbles” market - historically dominated by champagne – the price is more accessible and when taken with its great quality it becomes an extremely interesting alternative.