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The Prosecco Road  

The white wine road, now known more precisely as the “The Prosecco Road”, is the first of its kind in Italy. It winds for 47 km between the hills of Conegliano, Feletto, Quartier del Piave and Valdobbiadene in the Alpine foothills of Veneto. It has been defined as “a poetic journey through hills swelling with vineyards and pleasant villages where you can find ancient inns, still furnished with seating around open fireplaces, hamlets of extraordinary beauty.

The Prosecco Wine Road was the fruit of a cultural trail developed by professor Italo Cosmo in 1938 and based on the example of the Deutsche Weinstrasse. Only bars that are in line with the spirit of this undertaking can take part in this historical initiative and therefore avail themselves of the title “Original Wine Bar”.

The original wine bars are such not only because they are located along the Prosecco wine road but because they are made worthy of conserving this title year after year by offering their customers a warm welcome, a typical bar, consolidated experience in oenology and above all offering a selection of excellent local white wines accompanied by traditional pork cold cuts such as the renowned sopressa, exquisite cheese and occasionally “pan de casada” home made bread still baked in the traditional wood-fired ovens.